Bodily traces

My work evolves around the aspects of border between body and skin, absence and presence and the second skin. The work for the exhibition in the City Gallery in Labin deals with boundaries between the body and the personal space we encompass, like houses or other living spaces.

The various abandoned houses in Labin, like the old pharmacy at the entry of the city, inspired me to create objects that place presence and absence, reality and phenomena in a constant interplay. 

The knotted wire objects in the shape of houses underline the state of lightness and transparency. The very fine wire allows for fragile knots and joints to be formed, hence the appearance of tangling and interlacing. This bodily construction provides for abundant interpretations, although the form one identifies first is a house-like shape.

The objects demonstrate a slow transition from house to Leib (lived body), house of the Leib, a border between private and public. As these forms appear body-like, it manifests a boundary between the I and the Other. These wire forms change their appearance as they are packed and rolled even for the transport. Each time they would need a „refreshing „ of form, shifting of pattern and structure, the overlaying will be cleared, the form reshaped.

These layers represent the encounter of different states of presence.

The large-scale drawings „Weit_L 1.7“ reflect the body being part of a larger system; natural forms and symbols are combined with mathematical systems and signs. Some of the biological forms and shapes have been taken from the backyard or walls of the houses in Labin. The view into infinity is one major aspect, the reflective view and being thrown back to the viewer, is another important part. We experience a self-encounter and a reflection of the self me. Added text and physical readings support this. A sort of window allows the impression of the distance, into the unknown. The familiar and the unknown are placed in a consistent interplay, it allows the viewer to position him or herself anew.