Les espaces abondonnés

Presentation of work in progress during a 4-month residency in Cite International des Arts, Marais, Paris.

Abandoned by people, carelessly left behind, yet visible, or intentionally abandoned. Commodities are left by the roadside, in niches and corridors, in front of doors, waiting for the new owner. These objects were documented over a period of 2 months and shown in the photo series titled Impromptu. The public space, an alcove, is declared a spontaneous gallery space, in which the artist documents different objects “parked” at various time intervals. Presented publicly as an exhibition venue, it plays a role in space and time, which according to Walter Benjamin

Paris is a city in which life takes place above and below ground level and is not always easy for outsiders to see. This life of its own in underground parallel corridors and vaults, has been described by the artist in a series of drawings and cut outs, though representing the bodily movement and restrictions when passing through the narrow and long corridors and connections between various traffic points. Line, dot, cut outs and reduced forms support the experienced feeling of being lost, the body being strained and stretched and a certain excessive demand.

The drawings serve as blueprint for future body schemes and body skins in form of body size objects.